04 January
Authentic Products

Maxler has always held oneself out as a customer-oriented brand. Thus in order to protect you from acquiring counterfeit products, we’ve come up with some tips to identify the original ones.

First of all Maxler brand has 2 lines of products – USA and Germany. Recently the USA line has undergone some changes.

Neck band


All the products of Maxler brand have a neck band indicating that the product is sealed.

Tub design and Label changes

USA line tubs


German line tub


The tub’s design depends on the line of the product – the German tubs are glossy, the US tubs have been changed to matted (at the moment there are both variants of the tub in circulation).

Moreover, recent changes in USA line include the label changes. The holographic label has been replaced with the metallized.

Lot number and Expiry Date

USA line

2 lbs can
5 lbs can


Germany line

2 lbs


At the bottom of each of the product you’ll find the yellow or blue ink printing indicating the lot number and expiry date of the product.

Membrane cap


All the products have memebrane cap glued to the tub preventing from dispersal during the transportation and securing the wholeness of the product.

All these tips will help you to identify the counterfeit. In case you still hesitate, contact your local representative.