ANABOLIZER/ METABOLIZER: Anabolic & Metabolic Activator
ELEKTROMAX: Reactive Electrolyte Charger
SKELETOFORCE: Joint Support & Strong Bones
ENERGOFOCUS: Hardcore Energizing Matrix
CARDIOCHARGER: Effective Cardio Omega-3 Support
IMMUNIZER: Powerful Defense & Recovery

Are you training to your maximum capacity and feeling some harsh side effects? Awaken you power and energy with JetPak!

JetPak is the most complete and high-dosage set of professional quality vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Created for extreme and intensive training, this complex will become the basis of your sport supplements.


Contains active nutrients which enable you to benefit from intensive training and provides you with energy. It includes natural and active forms of vitamin B12, necessary for the maintenance of strength and lean muscle mass’ growth. METABOLIZER is a complex mixture of biocatalysts which helps to support the proper work of your digestive system and speed up metabolic processes. This is a radically new concept in the world of nutritional supplements, and will help you to achieve maximum results.


Will assist to reduce the risk of cramping and to optimize energy levels, containing specific complex of minerals, which are not included in many other supplements. This complex is created for supplying electrolytes, which you lose during working-out, and helps your body to avoid over fatigue.


One of the most important nutrient mixtures SKELETOFORCE will strengthen your bones at the cellular level. By means of SKELETOFORCE you will provide yourself with all necessary nutrients for building and regeneration of bones and joints, tendons and ligaments, as well as keep up your tissues healthy- you will get all these without leaving your training!


Created for brain stimulation, designed to increase memory and concentration, necessary for intense training. ENERGOFOCUS makes easy for you to stay focused and move forward to the intended goal!


The significance of the CARDIOCHARGER complex lies in the fact that it provides your body with essential fatty acids Omega-3, supports general state of health and fastens recovery after work-out. Besides CARDIOCHARGER is indispensable to cardiovascular diseases, it improves cardiac work, regulates arterial tension, increases compliance and as result it promotes the ability of cardiovascular system to handle stress.


Is a specific mixture, supplying the body with a wide range of nutrients, whose role is to save the optimal activity of the immune system and to prevent from free-radical tissue damage, vital for the right training regime. IMMUNIZER will help you to achieve mind-blowing results, daily delivery of essential nutriments into your body and keep your body in top shape!

Be reactive! Get on peak with JetPak!

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